Software Developer

Východočeské plynárenské strojírny, a.s.

Contractor - Hybrid

I'm basically a universal programmer there. I'm programming everything from microcontrollers, desktop apps, web apps. I'm managing database servers, Linux servers, on-premises and cloud-hosted stuff. I'm the guy that makes almost every piece of custom software that runs there. Over the period of almost 3 years, I've made 15+ different apps and learned A LOT, since I'm spending most of my time just creating new software for them or improving/maintaining existing one. I mostly use C# and TypeScript, but I also sometimes turn to Rust/Python when needed. Pick the right tool for the job.

Frontend web developer

AKAENE Partners

Contractor - Remote

During my time here, I developed a design proposals (using Figma) for , which I then made into a web application - you can see for yourself (the login page is not fully done yet, however the portal looks good in my opinion). I was in charge of the frontend. I was writing the project in React. During my time there, I primarily worked with Ing. Martin Ledvinka, Ph.D., who was responsible for the whole backend and some frontend stuff. I'm really fortunate that I was given the opportunity to work there and I appreciate it greatly.

Programming internship

PwC Slovakia

Internship - In person

During my one-month internship at PwC in Bratislava, I was working in a team of two. I did backend, he did frontend. I was working with Express and MongoDB. He implemented most of the Frontend (in React), I implemented all of the backend, plus a part of the frontend that comunicated using websockets for real-time synchronization of the app state. It was a big project, but we managed to finish it in 4 weeks. On the backend one of the challenging parts was making everything secure, especially running user-submited code inside docker containers in a complete sandbox. I implemented everything from authentication, to rbac, to user/request validation, to websockets, to docker containers.